Our Founder

The proprietor of Jamaican Jade was also born and bred in the very enterprising areas of Kingston and Clarendon. She also has deep seated roots in the Manchester, Mandeville, Balaclava, St. Mary and Portland areas of Jamaica. She also has a long family history embedded in the catering industry following down from great grandparents to a brother who has 28 years experiences developing and running various cafes, corporate and Event catering. The proprietor herself was brought up within the guiding and nurturing hands of a grandmother who taught her to cook the authentic homemade dishes of her homeland. She has 10 years’ experience in Events catering and she has catered in areas such as Weddings and special occasion celebrations and she is now ready to roll this out more conveniently to the community in the form of Jamaican Jade.

Our History

Jamaican Jade was established in August 2014 as an inspiration born out of the childhood memories of growing up with the soulful home cooking of a very nurturing grandmother. It is also an impression of the deep love for Jamaica, its unique cuisine and the determination of the Jamaican people. The aim of Jamaican Jade is to positively represent our culture, promote and put our national dishes out in our communities and on the high streets, introducing a wider selection of dishes for all to learn about, get more familiar with and enjoy.

The name Jamaican Jade is a reflection of the beautiful green Jade stone that is represented in the lush green of our land which is proudly flown as one of the main colour in the Jamaican Flag.

Jamaican Jade has spent the last 3 years testing, listening to customers, developing and fine tuning all our services to ensure we can be a worthy competitor as well as a valued joint community venture of all those who would like to enjoy a little taste of paradise. Our objective is to be an authentic steadfast cultural service for years to come.

Our Chef

Jamaican Jades Resident Chef is a very talented and skilled Jamaican born and bred on the home cooking of a very deep rooted Jamaican family. He has a long history of selecting, preparing and cooking a variety of Jamaican Cuisine. He has developed his professional skills throughout his working life within such high profile cooperate companies as whetherspoon. His vision is to present a high level of dishes that all will enjoy and to date he has worked diligently to this aim.



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